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Yoplait cups can hurt or kill wildlife - Just say NO!

Posted by admin on July 23, 2012

Yoplait should be ashamed.  They have been notified by wildlife agencies that their unique cup design is dangerous to wild animals.  Park rangers often report Yoplait cups stuck on the mouths of mammals such as coyotes, skunks, and possums.  Other yogurt cups don't have this problem - Yoplait's particular design is just narrow enough to get stuck, and the ribbed edge at the top makes it impossible for animals to use their paws to remove it.  The result? Animals that aren't rescued in time die of dehydration and starvation, or succumb to predators, since their eyes are covered.

Yoplait knows their cup design can kill animals - but instead of changing it, they put a silly warning on the label:


Yes, that's right - everyone who eats a Yoplait yogurt needs to read the back fine print just above the National Yogurt Association criteria, and be sure to crush the cup adequately, to protect wildlife.  Or, this could happen to a skunk (this is a display used by Project Wildlife):


Unfortunately, this actually happens often - animals forage through trash and they get stuck in things. This, however, is unnecessary - Yoplait needs to change their cup design, but they're not going to do it unless they see their profits decrease, and they hear from us.

Please tell Yoplait that you won't buy their yogurt until they change their cup design - the animals will thank you!


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